"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

Apostolul Pavel

- a candid interview with the man himself, Santa Claus!

It is that time of the year, and whether you are young or just young at heart, you cannot help but smile when you see him: a big, friendly, smiling man, dressed in red! I was fortunate to meet him in person, and because I know you all want to know more about him, our dear Santa Claus, here is a little more information about him. Thank you very much, Santa Claus, for always cheering us up, for your warm smile, the presents and the wonderful memories you give us every year!



Mara Circiu: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Santa Claus: Just an ordinary guy who has always loved Christmas. I like singing, writing, wood working, sharing the true meaning of Christmas and enjoying friends and family.

Mara Circiu: What does Christmas mean to you?

Santa Claus: Christmas is first and foremost the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s about giving unconditionally and love. It’s about family, friends and fruitcakes-some who are all three! As the song says, it’s a time when the world falls in love.

Mara Circiu: Dear Santa, how do you feel about being Santa in this modern age?

Santa Claus: Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. I’m an old fashion Santa and I desire to return the image of Santa back to its original roots in St. Nicholas. Todays “I want it all” attitude and the expensive tech gadgets that 6 year olds ask for gets to me sometimes but for the most part, kids are still kids and I love them all.

Mara Circiu: Naughty or nice? How do you establish the criteria?

Santa Claus: A lot goes in to that. You can be naughty and still have your heart in the right place. Sometimes it’s just part of the learning process. Santa believes that there’s a little good in everyone, and with the wisdom gathered over hundreds of years, Santa just knows.

Mara Circiu: It is a big job, however, you are determined to reach every single house on Christams Eve, how will you do it?

Santa Claus: Haven’t missed one yet. Again, a lot goes into that. There’s good planning and routing, time zones, rotation of the earth, black holes, great reindeer and a lot of Christmas magic.

Mara Circiu: Always smiling, and always by your side, Mrs. Santa; dear Mrs. Santa, how do you do it?

Mrs. Claus: With love, a strong belief in what Santa does, and seeing the look in Santa’s eyes when speaking with a child. It can be challenging but the rewards are boundless.

Mara Circiu: Where can we find you this year?

Santa Claus: Well, I do a lot of visiting but I do have a place I spend a lot of time at. It’s The Christmas Cottage in Jefferson Georgia. 1639 Washington Street. I’m usually there Sunday thru Thursday 5:00pm - 8:00pm. There are a few exceptions so folks can call 706.367.2049 to make sure I’ll be there. You can visit, have your picture taken and have a fun time.

Mara Circiu: I know you are a very busy man so I won’t keep you any longer; please share with us a few words of wisdom that might inspire some of my readers to visit you soon...

Santa Claus: Two of my favorite sayings are “a childhood is a terrible thing to waste, but it’s never too late to have one” and “He errs who thinks Santa enters through the chimney. He enters through the heart.” I look forward seeing you all on Christmas Eve. Ho, ho, ho!!!