"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

Apostolul Pavel

The ugly truth of the times we live in, lurks its head and reminds us of how vulnerable we still are…This tiny, invisible germ demonstrated that it does not take much for the world to come to a stop.  When it all started in March, it was perceived more or less as another virus that will come and go; now, six months later, after we experienced anxiety, uncertainty and a full range of emotions from hope to despair, we are still wondering, is there an end to all this?  Will it come soon? 

Or our new normal is this sad state of affairs, where we live in fear and hiding, where we don’t seek the companionship of others out of fear…if this is nothing but an experiment, what a sad one it is!!

I will try to touch on the importance of staying connected during these times…if we protect ourselves, avoid large gatherings, wash our hands frequently, and follow all the procedures that diminish our chances of contracting this virus, what do we do for our mental health? Two of my acquaintances choose to surrender, in an act of sheer desperation they decided to leave this world, and without a note or a good-bye they ended their life.  Their deaths affected me, and ever since I learned about their demise, I cannot stop thinking about them, and my question, as well as probably other people’s in their lives, still lingers without an answer, WHY?

They were both young, 36 and 59, ages when you still have a lot of years ahead of you, a lot of accomplishments and joys waiting to happen!  I try to think about what could I or any of us have done to prevent them from committing such terrible actions…I believe they would have found an encouragement, if only they would have had the courage to reach out! May their untimely deaths be a lesson for all of us, reach out, be a friend, offer a word of encouragement, a smile, you never know how meaningful such a small gesture could be to someone that really needs it!

It’s so easy to get lost in our own lives, but let’s not forget, we are all just one piece of the puzzle!  Humanity is a beautiful tapestry, and we all contribute with something!  When just only one piece is missing, the whole thing is not complete!  I read somewhere something that stayed with me to this very day: “I am my brother’s keeper”.  Let’s just be that!!  Let’s find in us the power to be there for one another, to share the burden, the worries, the uncertainty, but also the hope, the joy and the beauty of tomorrow!

It takes a lot of courage to come forth with a serious condition like depression, and to me this and the alienation are bigger and worse issues than this virus that is holding us all to a standstill!  Learn to recognize the signs, and be a friend!  The cure to coming out sane out of these crazy times we live in, is to stick together!  To offer encouragement, to be a friend, to look for the small joys in life and in each other!  There is no sure formula for happiness but life is sure meant for living it to the fullest and enjoying every second, and not living it in fear!  For two people, the battle is lost!  May we learn something from this tragedy, may we find the courage to be a true friend and help someone that desperately needs our help but is afraid of saying it!

I hope that there is hope for all of us, I hope that a year from now, the future will look brighter, and we will all be healthy and happy!  It’s up to all of us to make sure that tomorrow is not just a beautiful promise but a reality!  Reach out and call a friend!  Surprise someone with a small gesture of kindness or just a smile!!  Life is such a beautiful gift, and we are all worthy of it!!  Remember, my friends, it will all be OK in the end, if it’s not OK, is not the end!


Stay strong, stay safe, stay positive!