"Cercetați toate lucrurile, si păstrați ce este bun!"

Apostolul Pavel

We live in an age where going to the movies became one of the most favorite activities.  Young or old, we all have a favorite genre, movie, actor, director...today I would like to introduce you all to a talented new actor!! Born and raised in Romania, Daniel Danca is a young actor trying to become your next favorite actor! I have faith that the future will confirm my intuition, and he will succeed!


Mara Circiu: A Romanian actor living in America... this sounds like a script!! Please tell us how did you start your journey in this field.

Daniel Danca: After graduating from Law school a friend sent me an audition for a soap opera out of nowhere.  I decided to do it and it was the best decision ever made. I was instantly hooked by the experience and how much fun I had while being uncomfortable. I loved the feeling of creating characters and playing them through different circumstances.  It’s a feeling I can’t describe yet it feels right, joyful.

Mara Circiu: Do you have any formal training ?

Daniel Danca: Yes, I graduated from the 2-year full time program at the William Esper Studio in NYC in June 2018. Suzanne Esper was my teacher!

Mara Circiu: Hollywood has such a magic attraction to so many young actors, and for many remains just that...a mirage, how do you stay motivated in such a competitive field?

Daniel Danca:  First of all, I think of my family and how much love they showed me, and I do it for them. Second, I do it for every person out there who has a dream that everything is possible as long as you work hard and enjoy the process. I do it because I want to leave the world a better place, a fun place, a more loving place. And I love being uncomfortable, growing and learning from people and experiences. You always want to strive to be a better version of yourself and this field does exactly that.

Just having a bigger vision than myself and my ego is what keeps me motivated. We are not here for us but for each other. People and my love for them is what keeps me motivated.

Mara Circiu:  Who is your favorite actor?

Daniel Danca:  My favorite all time actor is Tom Hardy

Mara Circiu:  What is your favorite movie?

Daniel Danca:  “Citizen Kane”

Mara Circiu:  Who is your favorite director?

Daniel Danca:  Martin Scorsese

Mara Circiu:  I am partial to theater, I absolutely love being in a Theater and watching the actors on stage, are you considering Theater, as well?

Daniel Danca: I am fascinated by musicals, and I would love to be part of one on Broadway in the future.

Mara Circiu: What movies did you play in already?

Daniel Danca: Upcoming movie “Odd Man Rush” - The real life story of hockey player Bill Keenan.

Mara Circiu:  One day, I do hope you’ll win an Oscar! Here’s your chance to practice your acceptance speech;)

Daniel Danca: I feel phenomenal ! Hey Mom, we did it :) This is for every child out there: Never give up on your dreams because if you believe in yourself and work towards your dream, one day it will become reality. Be goofy, be yourself and most importantly HAVE FUN while doing it.

Mara Circiu: What roles do you see yourself playing?

Daniel Danca:  The villain and the guy next door who saves the day.

Mara Circiu: One scene from a movie that moved you deeply?

Daniel Danca: The movie “Network”  where Howard Beale gets mad and tells people to get mad as well and fight for what they believe. Such a powerful message and scene. Mesmerizing!

Mara Circiu: One person that you admire a lot in this industry?

Daniel Danca: My badass manager Jennifer Lonardo, wonder woman in disguise!

Mara Circiu:  What do you love to do?

Daniel Danca: Travel as much as I can, reading books, painting, meeting people, eating-definitely!!!

Mara Circiu: If you would do a different career what do you think it would be?

Daniel Danca:  Politician, I love fighting for the people!

Mara Circiu: Thank you for sharing your interesting experience with our readers, Daniel!  Best of luck, and we cannot wait to see where this amazing journey called life will take you!!

Daniel Danca: Thank you, Mara, for allowing me to connect with your audience and represent Romania on this mesmerizing adventure called acting!